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Veronica and Gigi are PhD students in the Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects at the University of Sussex, just outside Brighton, UK.

While working in the same lab, they realised how strange the PhD world can be to friends and family with ‘real jobs’, and decided to ask researchers about their PhD experience.


In this light-hearted podcast, they interview PhD researchers from all over the country, from astrophysicists to transgender studies to fellow bee scientists, to ask why they do what they do – and what it actually involves. If you’re looking for inspiration and information about the actualities of further study, solidarity with fellow ECRs, or just for a laugh, tune in, or even apply to be a guest by dropping us an email or tweet.


Gigi studies how weather affects honey bee foraging behaviour, and also works with three rare solitary bee species to understand more about their biology.


Veronica looks at foraging behaviour and ecology of honey bees and other flower-visiting insects, including how season affects competition between honey bees and bumble bees.

Planet PhD is supported by the Researcher Development Programme.

Gigi Hennessy

PhD Researcher


Veronica Wignall

PhD Researcher

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