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What is Planet PhD?

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Meet Gigi and Veronica and find out why we created the podcast, what it's all about, and even why some bees crash land into their nests.

In this episode we introduce ourselves, talk a bit about planet bee-hD and discuss why we decided to start up the Planet PhD podcast. Discover Gigi's weird animal obsession and have some amazing bee facts to take away with you (you're welcome).

There's more to us than bees - in this episode we also introduce a few themes that will recur throughout the podcast, including PhD-related challenges, the actualities of every day life as an early career researcher, and the importance of shouting about your research.

We're always looking for guests to join us on the podcast. If you're an early career researcher (PhD or postdoc), enjoy chatting about your research and would like to record an episode with us, let us know. We're based in Brighton, but can travel a limited distance or meet you somewhere in the middle.

Click the player below to tune in, and if you have any feedback or comments, please do get in touch!

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